Displacement Studios is an independent game studio and a group of freelancers, developing and publishing games and software since 2011.

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Name Developer Type/Info in active development Stable prototype released
Aztecalypse©Displacement Studioshorror adventurenoyesyes
Snake Party©Displacement Studiossnake variant with local multiplayeryesyesyes
Freedom: A Time to Reckon©Cazack Gamestactical FPSnoyesyes
Lone Leader©SirGooseaction horror FPSyesyesyes
The Spirit Underneath©Acuze Interactivesfirst person horroryesyesyes
Project RPG©Acuze Interactivesaction adventure role play gameyesyesyes
Quazy Quackerz Racing©Displacement Studiosthree dimensional racing against ducksyesyesno
Displacement Game Engine©Displacement Studiosjump'n run game creation toolyesnono
The Return Home©AL-Gamecartoon style FPSnoyesyes
Trolley Gold©Mantis Gamescasual collection gameyesyesyes
Neon Coliseum©Mantis Games2d physics arcadenoyesyes
Ladybird Reflect©Displacement Studiosnature themed arkanoidyesyesno
Randy Ravehead©Displacement Studiosto be revealed soonyesnono
Software which left the state of active development is still being supplied with patches but not with new features.


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